Natural Fiber Installation Certification

North Americas only Training &  Certification on Woven & Tufted Wool Carpets,  for Installers, Sales People and Inspectors !

Why do people buy Woven Wool carpet ? Because of its integrity !
It is for 
that reason that the installer needs the time he needs to install it properly.

NFIC explains why Sales People/Installers/Inspectors should consider
learning these techniques, and understand why these techniques are necessary.

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“One Day Installation Seminars are available as well as  One Day Sales Seminars ! For a seminar in your area call NFIC @ 770 720-4537 or email Click on “One Day Seminars”

**Something for store owners to ponder………

1397594981_Help-FileRetailer store owner said to his manager “What happens if we invest in the training of our people, and then they leave the company?” Store manager said “What happens if we don’t, and they stay ??”  Are you equipping your staff with the best tools possible (i.e. education) ?



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