About Us

Hello, and thank you for taking time to view this material.
My name is P.J. Arthur, CEO and Founder of NFIC ( Natural Fiber Installer Certification ).
NFIC was founded  in 2006 to fill a need in our industry ( Natural Fiber Industry ) to further much needed education for installers / sales people / inspectors.
NFIC offers a comprehensive  training in the area of Woven and Tufted wools, in the U.S. and Canada.

“Throughout history, no one has ever achieved any worthwhile goal, significant project or impossible dream, without effectively partnering and seeking outside counsel. If the most successful people in history have needed the help of counselors and partners why wouldn’t we ? The fact is, none of us can. The truly diligent do not seek counsel simply when an endeavor is in trouble, rather, they seek counsel from the very beginning, before they begin an effort. This greatly reduces the risk of failure and significantly increases one’s probability of success”.
– by Steve K. Scott

At NFIC we would like to partner with you and help you to understand Natural Fiber Carpet products.

NFIC  (Natural Fiber Installer Certification)
P.O. Box 4248
Canton, GA. 30114
Phone: (770) 720-4537
Fax: (770) 485-4988
Email: nfic2006@yahoo.com

Areas of training are:

  • General Knowledge
  • Installation techniques
  • Diagrams and seam placement
  • Kool Glide Iron/Seamer Down Now training
  • Double glue installation
  • Seam preparation for Wiltons
  • Hand sewing
  • The proper pad to use for natural products
  • Where to and where not to use these products

The training programs we offer are:

  • 3 day installers training and certification
  • 3 day inspector/tech training and certification
  • 1 day workshop for installers without certification
  • 1 day sales seminar ( no certification )
  • Associate memberships
  • Job start up’s / job saves
  • Scholarship programs