Hi PJ,

I hope things are well for you and your family as we near the holiday season. I just wanted to send a quick thanks to you as I had to apply the processes and techniques I learned from you into a full room install yesterday. Everything went smoothly installing this Fibreworks wilton wool.

Laus Deo,

Good morning P.J,
I hope your day is going well. I want to think you for the NFIC experience,  it was definitely eye opening and has helped shape the future me.
I also want to thank you for the opportunity to retake this test, its been an honor to learn from someone like yourself.
 Thank you again,
Nathan Rice
“I want to thank you for all I learned at your class, even at my age, unbelieavble”
Daris Mulkin
Daris, would you mind if we put this on our testimonial page of our website ?
“You sure can!”

PJ is an expert in all facets of the installation and inspection of woven carpets. He has been invaluable to us in solving the issues that sometimes occur during installation, and is always willing to travel to a job site to ensure that the carpet is handled and installed correctly. I have great personal and professional respect for PJ and his abilities.

Jim Adams Director of Custom Carpet/Product Quality at Bloomsburg Carpet Industries

“Excellent communicator and expert in industry. Knowledgeable, professional and quality human being. Worth every penny.”
Drew Gilliland.

Director Facilities Management & Planning at Southern Oregon

Hey PJ Hope all is well in your world !! Things have been terrific here.. I’m plugging along cranking out lots of work…majority of it being Bloomsburg carpet. ..I have a 600 yd. install coming up of a Wilton. .really excited about it. Last fall I installed a custom Tai-ping in a home here in Calgary valued at 250k. .that went in well executed and turned out absolutely mint. ..It’s all about the planning and experience. I wanted to thank you for your valuable information and time. Your program was incredible. Take care.

Orlando Mosca

Thanks so much for helping us out with advice on the recent wool carpet installation at St. John’s College. As you know, I was not very knowledgeable on wool carpet construction, or installation. On the advice of Bloomsburg Carpets, they recommended I contact you for installation advice to better educate myself, and make the best decision possible on how to install the carpet.
Once again, thank you for your very astute advice. You’ve made a terrific contribution to St. John’s College and helped me out of a very difficult situation with a major college contributor, and world renowned weaver.

Drew A. Gilliland
St. Johns College

I appreciate everything that you all did with the class. I think it was wonderful.
Yes, this course made me appreciate the installers more. It also made me know that if they don’t know you really can’t blame them. We are going to offer more training classes for them in the future.
The seminar will help us with our sales by understanding the product better and being able to explain to customers about acclimation and its importance. It also taught us the appropriate types of pad to use with wool.
I feel that having the knowledge of installation will help us further our sales. We actually will sound like what we know we are talking about and it will help us beat out our competition.
It was also nice to hear about the installation of some of the Sisal and Seagrass products and to hear how we could install them with the double stick tape on the steps.

Carrie Patterson
Carpet One

As the Floor Covering Instructor at the Detroit Carpenters Apprenticeship School, I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of education that we provide for our members. Recently I had the good fortune to attend training given by NFIC, Natural Fiber Installation Certification. This training covers the proper procedures employed when installing some of the high end woven products in the carpet industry. It is my belief that the sensitive and sometimes delicate construction of these products requires an elevated understanding of their nature, to ensure that they are installed properly. Proper installation is essential to maximize the satisfaction of the end user. The instructors from NFIC went into great detail regarding the manufacturing of woven carpets, and that training served to build the foundation for the participants understanding of the products. The intensive training regarding seam preparation and installation brought the trainees to a higher level of knowledge regarding woven carpet installation. Advanced pattern matching techniques, and stretching procedures rounded out the training. The importance of the high level of expert training for such a sensitive product in the carpet industry cannot be over emphasized. Considering the above average cost of these products, Installers, Contractors, Estimators, Architects, and end users would all do well to seek out and embrace the training that is offered by NFIC.
It came to my attention that after one of our local contractors completed the training with NFIC and over twenty of their employees earned NFIC certifications, that contractor was awarded a major project at the Cobo Hall expansion in Detroit. Securing this work was a direct result of the expert training that was received from Natural Fiber Installation Certification, conducted and coordinated by Mr. P.J. Arthur. I would highly recommend this training to anyone that requires a high standard of excellence in their installation of woven and natural fiber carpets.



Master Craft
Detroit Carpentry Joint Apprenticeship
Apprenticeship Training Committee
Tod Sandy – Instructor

My name is Dave Wasserman, owner of the Flooring Group, a flooring installation company located in West Michigan.
Established in 1988. In 2011 I completed the NFIC training program, conducted by P.J. Arthur. The information gained
in this program and hands on instruction was highly beneficial. Such as, the manufacturing process of materials and
specifications, correct installation procedures and guidelines “steps, pattern matching, Kool Glide seaming system. ( a
must for all quality installers”, double stick glueing and hand sewing) as well as trouble shooting techniques. P.J.s
background in the flooring industry along with his relationship with the manufacture’s brought great substance to the
Quality is up……. Call backs down !!

Dave Wasserman
654 N. Shore Dr. Holland MI. 49424

Just in case you missed it, this is an excellent article about installer education at TISE. NFIC got a nice shout out!

Bennett credits his growth in the industry and as a professional installer to the continuing education he’s received from NFIC. “That’s why I got involved with NFIC—education. I took the classes and it was a little bit of an investment, but it was well worth it because I learned stuff that I didn’t learn from the local guys.

“How do you feel the sales seminar will help you in your sales ?”
It gave me good info as to “why wool”. It’s benefits and the things to discuss with your customer to inform them properly.


I know that I will now be able to professionally show and sell my customers on the high end wool products. Thanks


“Which content of the sales seminar was most educational ?”
Learning the different type of wool made and the correct pad to use.


“How has this course helped you to understand wool better ?”
It helped me on what to expect from a wool carpet when educating a customer.


“How has this course helped you to understand wool better ?”
Very well informed on natural characteristics of allergy’s, installation of wool and longevity if installed correctly.


“How do you feel the sales seminar will help you in your sales ?”
I will be more confident speaking to my customers and knowing that I am giving correct information.


“Which content of the seminar was most educational ?”
The seaming demo and layout of seams


“How do you feel the sales seminar will help you in your sales ?”
Cleared up misconceptions of wool –vs- synthetics.


“How has this course helped you to understand wool better ?”
From what I received from this sales seminar, wool is the way to go. I have learned a lot about wool that I never knew.


“Which content of the seminar was most educational ?”
Understanding how important proper installation and using the correct padding.


Love this comment, from unknown at a Sales Seminar:
“I didn’t even realize all the things I didn’t know, until this seminar ?”