Certification Renewal

It’s Time to Renew Your Status with NFIC !

Renewal is simple and a great investment for your business, only $100 per installer, per year.

To renew, contact us  770  720-4537  or via email: nfic2006@yahoo.com

What are the benefits to RENEW Your Status with NFIC ?

Don’t miss out on these great business opportunities:

  • INCREASED Recognition and Reputation.  As a certified installer, you provide security for the consumer and set your business and yourself apart from competitors.
  • FREE ADVERTISING on NFIC’s Website, www.nficnet.com.  Consumers are becoming more educated for quality installers and when searched for on the web NFIC is on the first page giving your business great exposure!
  • FREE TECH SERVICE.  Based on the number of calls that we get for assistance, the tech service line is invaluable.
  • STAY CURRENT.  We Provide Updates on New Industry Products, Standards and Technology
  • CONTINUED EDUCATION.  Refresher courses when available for only $200.
  • NFIC is Endorsed, Promoted and Supported by Carpeting Mills & Flooring Industry Companies Including:
    • Bloomsburg Carpet Mill
    • Godfrey Hirst
    • J.Mish
    • Nourison
    • Design Materials Inc.
    • Traxx
    • Seamer Down Now
    • Kool Glide Iron
    • Healthier Choice Pad Company

RENEW TODAY! Keep Your Status Active

Contact us (770) 720-4537 or via email: nfic2006@yahoo.com

We pride ourselves on quality training to set installers apart from the average and understand that education is vital for installers to be successful in our industry today.  If we don’t maintain our yearly dues, then the exposure in our industry through the above organizations, which promote NFIC are lost to you.  We look forward to your consideration of keeping your status active.  Don’t be left out!  We look forward to hearing from you today!

Thank you,

P. J. Arthur

CEO  and Founder